"DABDA" is an original full-length dance-theatre work premiered at the 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival in Factory Theatre, Toronto. It narrates the coming of age story of seven teenagers in the 1940's exploring teenage rebellion, self-liberation and freedom of expression. 


Concept, Choreography, Artistic Direction: Alvin Collantes & Hayley Paone (alvinhayle)
Lighting Designer, Stage Management: Josh Lueck
Performers: Kelly Shaw, Sydney McManus, Thomas Colford, Andrew Dragert, Taveeta Szymanowicz, Tamerra Lynn Herres, Amanda Donato, Christopher Duarte, Darian Mark, Andrea Galizia, Zac Rivest


"Imagine all the feelings you had when you were a teenager: the great depths of angst, the almost violent joy, the sense of wonder and despair, and all of your friends around you feeling the same thing. That feeling is what DABDA translates, through dance, to the stage..." - Michael Lyons from XTRA

"The routines tend to be so captivating that by the end of the routine I catch myself taking a deep breath and tapping into emotions I didn't even know I had. DABDA did exactly that for me and more..." - Ashima Suri from MOONEY ON THEATRE

"I found many of the group moments visually rich and interesting, and some of the larger number completely engrossing..." STAGED IN TORONTO

"DABDA a contemporary dance production was absolutely AMAZING. I was totally in awe of the performers- their strength, enthusiasm, lack of any inhibition in portraying their respective roles..." J.S - Audience Member


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