Project Full-Length

Project Full-Length is creative partnership project where students dive into a 2-3 month long creation process with Alvin Collantes. At the end of the process, Alvin in collaboration with the students present the full-length dance work on stage. This project aims to provide students the experience to work intimately with a choreographer for a long period as well as gain professional tools and show experience. Show Concept, Artistic Direction, Choreographic Material, Dramaturgy and Song Selections provided by Alvin Collantes.

I am a Studio Director,

a.) How can I get involved? 


  • Studio Director serves the role as "Show Producer", where they hold responsibility for "day of show" duties, booking theatre space, ticket sales & registration, sharing marketing duties, and provide rehearsal space. 
  • Ticket Sales Revenue managed by Studio Director. Director receives gross profit of ticket sales after expenses incurred.
  • Program fees & registration managed by Alvin Collantes.

b.) What expenses am I looking at?

  • Theatre Booking Rental
  • Ticket Logistics & Registration
  • Promotional Materials
  • Printing of tickets, posters & show programmes
  • Set Design/Costumes (included in the program fee)

I am a Dancer,

a.) Am I eligible to participate?

  • Senior/graduating students ages 14-19 years old.
  • Extensive training in Contemporary/Ballet/Modern
  • A member of the Host Organization / Studio Sponsor

b.) Can I participate if I come from a different studio?

  • Program is geared exclusively for members of the studio sponsor.

c.) What does the Program include?

  • An audition process to cast roles in the full-length work
  • 40-50 hours of creation & rehearsal process in the studio 
  • Movement mentoring & coaching by Alvin Collantes
  • Photography with Alvin Collantes

d.) How much does the Program cost?

  • Program fee: $300 + HST 
  • Payment is accepted by Cheque or E-Transfer

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Project Full-Length with Rasasvada Dance Company
Show: "KOMA ALDRI", June 2016